Why I liked Happy Endings More than Better With You, Perfect Couples, Mad Love & Traffic Light:

I’ve only watched the pilot, not the 4 episodes most journalists have seen, but I thought the pilot was the best of the 3 comedies ABC greenlit for this season, as I have mentioned before. Do we need another relationship comedy about 6 young kids (I’m old enough now to refer to them that way) in various stages of couple-dom? Hell no. But the show is amiable, funny and likeable… at least the pilot was. So why did I like this pilot more than the other 3? In short:

a) I laughed a number of times – Most of the aforementioned relationship comedies I don’t find funny at all. I have talked about my dislike or apathy for Better With You and Perfect Couples before. I felt similarly about Mad Love. I didn’t feel those emotions watching Happy Endings.

b) I believed this group really were friends and liked each other. 

c) It’s not about 6 heterosexual, white people. Well okay, 4 out of 6 are. But as I always point out here, it is way more interesting to me, as well as reflective of the real world to see people of different ethnicities and sexual orientations represented. Plus, Damon Wayans Jr. seems to have his father’s comic chops and Adam Pally plays a real gay character, not the caricature you see on many shows. He’s a guy who just happens to be gay.

d) I liked these guys. Better With You and Traffic Light’s ensembles just fill me with apathy. I actively did not like most of the characters at all on Perfect Couples. I liked this group.

So to recap, I liked the pilot. Curious to see if the rest of the episodes maintain or build on that potential.

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One Response to Why I liked Happy Endings More than Better With You, Perfect Couples, Mad Love & Traffic Light:

  1. I just wasnt convinced by them at all though to be fair to Finnigan that may have been coloured by the fact that shes the living image of my sons psycho ex-girlfriend.However putting aside personal loathing and its hard to do I simply didnt buy either woman in their respective parts..See with Lacy and Cooke and Casey and Ben I could totally invest in their characters they were just that believable but with Finnigan and Garcia I felt very much that they were acting..I could see the seams and thats not good for any TV show but much less so for comedy.I believe that as viewers we have to a like the characters and b believe in who they are and without that things get into sticky wicket territory..So to conclude while I did find things something of a yawnfest when Mia and Maddie were on-screen Id like to see how Casey and Ben develop so I wont write Better With You off yet..Plus its never a good plan to base the decision of how good or bad something is on the pilot show.Everything needs time to evolve and Ive found time and time again that a crappy pilot does not a pile of crap make in the long term so Ill be watching for few more episodes to see how things go….

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