Complete Upfront ’13 Thoughts On The Big 4:

The Upfronts start a week from tomorrow, although technically NBC will release their fall schedule next Sunday before officially unveiling it on Monday. All this week there will be lots of news on shows getting picked up and cancelled, though I expect lots to happen Thu and Friday when NBC and ABC will also pick up all their new shows. It’s been a few weeks since I offered my thoughts on each of the big 4 for next fall and some things have already changed and become more clear. Nevertheless, the major moves I have suggested for each net, I still feel strongly about.

CBS Upfront Thoughts: Their major move should be a 4 comedy block on Thu. I feel even stronger about this after the last two weeks’ ratings.

NBC Upfront Thoughts: I think they should put their 3 most promising NEW single cam comedies (including Michael J. Fox) on Thu and start over.

ABC Upfront Thoughts: They NEED to rest DWTS until Jan and The Bachelor should be on Monday in the fall. (I also think Shark Tank should be their Tue 9p anchor). 

FOX Upfront Thoughts: More than anything, they need to launch more new scripted hits this fall. X Factor occupying the bulk of Wed/Thu does NOT help them accomplish this.

Finally, if CBS does indeed schedule a 4 comedy block on Thu and moves The Big Bang Theory to 9p, How The Other 3 Nets should take advantage of 8p.

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