It’s getting to be that time, when the nets have to decide which fall shows will be getting more episodes and which will conclude at 13. This past Sunday’s low numbers all but confirm that ABC won’t order any more eps of 666 Park Avenue. But, I think ABC really wants to order more episodes of its other 2 fall dramas. (In the last few weeks ABC has cut back on their promos for 666 but they are still promoting both Nashville and Last Resort quite heavily). The last few days have made things clearer for at least 3 of these shows and I’d expect decisions on most of these shows by close of business Friday.

Chicago Fire – This show has been very much hanging in Wednesdays at 10, most weeks holding almost all of its SVU lead in. Last nights airing, after a 2 hour The Voice, unsurprisingly added .7 in the demo and 1 million from last week (in prelim numbers) to tie for #1 at 10p and I think that was all NBC needs to commit to a full season.

Nashville – Even with Chicago Fire getting a big Voice boost, Nashville was up from last week to a 2.0, which it has gotten for 3 out of its 5 weeks. The show is consistently a 2.0 and even last night was #1 in all the female demos (W18-34,W25-54, etc). It’s the most critically acclaimed new drama. Multiple songs featured on the show have been selling strongly on Itunes. It’s ABCs best performing new drama. It’s getting a back 9.

Partners– I initially thought CBS would jettison this quickly and move 2.5 Men back to Monday and put TBBT reruns Thu at 8:30 but they have been patient with Partners and its been steady at a 2.1. Last week a rerun barely dipped from originals and got a 1.8. Any other net would have picked this up by now. I think this Monday’s numbers that had HIMYM dropping to a 2.8 and Partners still holding at a 2.1,  will make CBS order more eps. I’m not sure if it’s a full back 9, but I assume CBS will order at least 5 more (for a possible 18 ep season) and run it til at least March when they might try something else.

Last Resort – Tonight’s numbers will definitely decide what will happen beyond 13 eps of this show. It’s clear ABC wants to renew it. It’s a critical hit. The pedigree in front and behind the camera is impressive. It’s in a very tought timeslot and yet still gets a nice L7 boost. Tonight gets even more difficult for it, as after a weeks preemption, it now faces The Voice in addition to X Factor and TBBT. What’s a realistic number to get a back 9? I think if it gets at least a 1.7 tonight, ABC will give it a full season (or at least 5 more more, but my gut says they want to give it a full 22). That will mark a .4 increase from its last ep. If they give it a back 9, ABC possibly might decide to put it in a less competitive time slot, like maybe Tue at 10?

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