ABC Should Move NASHVILLE To Sunday:

In the final ratings just released for Sunday, Once Upon A Time continued it upward movement of the last 3 weeks, to a 3.5. It was Broadcast TVs top rated drama of the week. Revenge was steady with the same 2.7 its been getting every week since week 2. Yet 666 Park Avenue dropped to its lowest number in the demo – a 1.3. A 1.3 out of a 2.7 when the only other broadcast drama, The Mentalist, got a 1.8. Unfortunately for all the talent involved in 666 on camera and behind, this weeks numbers all but confirm ABC wont be ordering any more new episodes.

I think the obvious replacement is Nashville. After 4 weeks, Nashville’s lowest number was a 1.8 this past Wednesday (out of a 2.4, already a higher number out of a lower lead) and this week was an anomaly as it was Halloween and even Modern Family was down .7 from the week before. The 2 weeks prior it was steady at a 2.0. It’s getting a very large 1.3 increase with L7. Even on last weeks lower rated Wed, it still has 2 million more viewers than Sundays ep of 666 and a half a point higher in the demo.

Most importantly for Nashville is it’s a great fit out of ABCs other Sunday night dramas and will likely do as well as it did on Sunday, or possibly even grow some more. The only other Sun drama is getting a 1.8 (not a 2.3 like Wed’s CSI).  Nashville isn’t a “hit” yet, but the same day and L7 numbers show strong passion from its audience . Based on that (as well as the strong ITunes sales for many of the songs featured on the show) there’s a lot of passion for the show. It’s also the most critically acclaimed new drama. A move to Sunday will likely benefit the show and most certainly, ABC Sunday.

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2 Responses to ABC Should Move NASHVILLE To Sunday:

  1. forg9587 says:

    agree, 666’s drop from Revenge is just too huge, Nashville could be a better fit

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