The New ABC Sunday Image Spot:

Towards the end of the Once Upon A Time marathon last night, and specifically right before the climax in the encore of the season finale, ABC premiered a new image spot promoting their entire new Sunday lineup. It’s the kind of creative spot they used to produce yearly to usher in a new season of Desperate Housewives. It’s very alluring (and looks like it cost a fortune).

The promo focuses on the casts of all 3 Sunday night dramas in exotic poses and carefully and cleverly illustrates the overall themes of each show and the night in general. The promo was directed by Nate Robinson and he did the the graphics as well. I think he did an especially clever job segueing into the set of each show (going from Storybrooke, to the Hamptons, and to the staircase on 666 Park Ave.). The creepy tone of the song used fits perfectly. The song is “A Little Taste” by Skyler Stonestreet. I like how they smartly matched the lyrics to what is on-screen. (Ex: During that fleeting image of Madeline Stowe on the beach, the lyrics plays “I’ll Rest In Pieces”. They clearly want you to assume her character didn’t survive the finale, which of course is not likely.)

Kudos to the marketing department on capturing the themes of each show and selling Sunday as a delectable, almost sinful, treat.  The tag lines at the end of the spot spell out the hook of each show and then ties them all together. “Taste The Magic” (Once), “Taste The Vengeance (Revenge), Taste The Seduction (666 Park Ave) and then the final invite for the night – “Indulge“.

For a marketing nerd like me, it’s fun to dissect it. But feel free to just have a look:

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3 Responses to The New ABC Sunday Image Spot:

  1. I agree. And PLEASE if you find out what that creepy song is, which I happen to love btw, PLEASE let me know? I would be so grateful. Truly. Thank you!

  2. Rachel says:

    I have to agree with you. This spot has incredible visual impact. The lyrics are perfectly seductive. Thanks for naming the artist. I have got to get it!

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