Random, Rambling Thoughts On The Cusp Of A New TV Season:

  • I have always admired Nigel Lythgoe as a producer, regardless of my feelings of American Idol at a given time. I was especially impressed when upon reclaiming the job after a hiatus, he immediately jettisoned the unnecessary 4th judge. That’s why, in this time of too many music competition shows, I am surprised he is insistent (or just going along with FOX execs that are insistent) on the idea of adding a 4th judge again (according to early reports that may prove to be untrue). Regardless of star power, the last thing a show likes this needs is another person critiquing. If anything, focus more on the contestants, less on the judges. That being said, if it turns about to be true that Keith Urban is part of the new judging panel, that may be what gets me to check back in to IDOL. Keith, in addition to being a mega talent, is warm, sweet and smart. His concerts are like a big hug.
  • I didn’t watch Idol last season but it was apparent the season before that Jimmy Iovine was the only person offering constructive criticisms, albeit, the next day. From what I read about this past season, that was true again. Why isn’t he one of the new judges, especially if they have the star power covered with Mariah, Nicki, and/or Keith? At least he would represent the record exec seat at the table.
  • Simon Cowell complaining about NBC stunting with a 3rd night of The Voice against X Factor premiere comes as across as whiny and shows that he’s far from his confident (and incredibly arrogant) self about his new X Factor. First of all, why shouldn’t they, especially since part 1 of the AGT finale (a show that fills his pockets) begins at 9pm Wed? Why shouldn’t they give that show the best lead in possible (from their point of view)? Plus, Simon has never been less than an aggressive personality. Extra IDOL hours were used in this exact same way many times over its 11 years, (including making the performance show 2 hours just last season). If he worked for NBC, one would expect him to act this same way. Plus if his show is as brilliant as he claims (as he always claims),. there’s nothing to worry about. He’ll have the 9p hour on Wed and the following week all to himself. When he makes comments like the show “NBC doesn’t want you to see”, it comes across as pathetic, as if this was 1985 and there weren’t recording devices available in most homes where you can record two shows at once. No, it seems insecure and not sure, which is fine if it wasn’t from one of the most cocky, obnoxious, TV personalities of the last decade. NBC are just being smart and aggressive programmers, you know, doing the kinda thing Simon Cowell always espouses.
  • Rebel Wilson seems to be an actress and personality just on the cusp of super stardom. She had a starring turn in Bridesmaids. She is currently in Bachelorette, and soon, the much buzzed about Pitch Perfect. ABC wisely recruited her to re-pilot her busted CBS pilot from this past season, this time as a single cam which probably suits her and ABC much better. Paul Lee said at press tour that it’s possible it would be ready for spring, so why is there no news about the status of this pilot?
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