Random Thoughts Based on Tue 4/3 Ratings:

  • Body of Proof has garnered a 2.o and over 10 million viewers the last 2 weeks. Yes the competition isn’t as tough in this hour, and it has DWTS lead, but tons of ABC Tue 10p shows, most recently Detroit 187, had that lead (and then DWTS was considerably higher rated) and couldn’t come close to this number, (no other show has had a 2.0 retention out of a 2.7 for DWTS). ABC has stepped up promotion for these last 3 eps and my sense is that if the finale gets similar numbers they’ll renew this show for 13 eps to possibly use Friday at 9p after Shark Tank. It’s a 25-54 show with a star people love and feels like would make a good Friday option for them. (If you need further proof that an ample lead in doesn’t gurantee a hit to follow just look at Fashion Star’s 1.5 out of a 3.2 for The Voice. Speaking Of…)
  • I wonder if NBC sees the Fashion Star numbers and says, maybe we should yank it off Tue, make The Biggest Loser  2 hours again and air The Voice results at 10 where it will face minimal competition and have the performance show audience all to themselves. Then again, they probably love the 3.2 at 9p and Fashion Star has that whole component where the clothes are available the next day so maybe not…
  • I assume last night was the final Breaking In to air before the end of May sweeps. It is supposed to return after Raising Hope finishes its run in a few weeks, but let’s be honest, with a 1.3, FOX is likely to just air New Girl reruns at 9:30 til the end of its season.
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One Response to Random Thoughts Based on Tue 4/3 Ratings:

  1. I have a feeling “Last Man Standing” is headed to Fridays at 8pm to open up a TGIF block. That would shift “Shark Tank” to 9pm.

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