Reflecting On This Past Week’s Ratings, Plus How It Might Impact Some Midseason Moves:

Once Upon A Time bucked the new show trend and actually held its premiere numbers. The 7p rerun of pilot got a 1.2 not far off the 1.5 AFV got last week and the same score as Charlie’s Angels has been getting. This with increased competition from a CBS overrun and a highly promoted interview on 60 Minutes. I honestly think ABC should run the previous weeks OUAT at 7p (like they did many times with LOST) for a few more weeks, while people are still sampling the show. OR if ABC doesn’t want to run them on Sun at 7p,  they can air encores of ep 2 and 3 Thu at 8p for the next 2 weeks where Charlie’s Angels is still scheduled to air. More on that later.

Grimm bucked everyone’s expectations and opened very impressively for a Friday especially against Game 7 of The World Series. It’s quite possible that due to CBS running reruns of their dramas and Grimm’s biggest competition – Fringe – being preempted for the World Series that it actually got more sampling that it might have vs regular competition. There’s no way to know that. Either way it did great, especially for a Friday. Weeks ago I asked that considering NBCs issues during the week, why wouldn’t they just leave 2 hour Dateline‘s on Friday and use Grimm during the week? I feel that way even more now. Obviously Prime Suspect isn’t gonna work and NBC has done a lot to try to get it sampled. I can’t imagine why NBC wouldn’t just schedule a new ep of Grimm this week Thu at 10p. Unlike on Friday, it will have the sci-fi audience all to itself. It should also be a good match with the M18-34 comedies that precede it and it’s far better counter programming against The Mentalist and Private Practice than Prime Suspect is. The way I see it, NBC has nothing to lose and much to gain. They can run another new ep on Friday or encore the same ep this week. Even if it doesn’t work on Thu I can’t imagine it won’t expose the show to more people and it will certainly do better than Prime Suspect has been. Call it a weeklong experiment, if you will.

Thursday’s CBS ratings were being reported as CBS being down a little due to the World Series. It seems to me that CBS was immune as usual to big competition. Look at CBS Thu number from 10/13. They are exactly on par with that. TBBT has the same 4.6. I think what happened was that on 10/20 CBS comedies were way above average (TBBT over a 5.0) I attribute that to NBC comedies being in reruns and ABC still airing Charlie’s Angels. Due to the World Series airing, there was no X Factor. SO, CBS offered the only real entertainment option in town. Looking at CBS Thu numbers over the first 6 weeks of the season, it appears CBS was on par this Thu. It also appears that Person of Interest will basically remain in 4th (wonder what Bones airing there beginning this week will do to this hour?) and it just further increases my belief that come Jan CBS will have 4 comedies on this night. (Possibly something like this: TBBT rerun, ROE, TBBT (new), 2 Broke Girls or Rob Schneider comedy. I can see PoI going to Tue at 10 with Unforgettable possibly going to Fri.) I just don’t think CBS will leave this night as it is, all season, especially since they’re so strong at 8p.

X Factor is definitely a hit, but it’s still not obvious how big a hit it will turn out to be. I do think it will grow as it goes to the finals. Last week it was up a tad for its first live show, but it’s worth noting that for the first 2 hours it was on par with its recent numbers. The surge came from the 10p final half hour. One could make the argument that was the half with the least competition (or that people were more interested in Simon’s group which was saved for last). Either way it’s a hit, but the verdict is still out on where it will end up.

Speaking of Thu at 8, I honestly don’t get why ABC is leaving Charlie’s Angels here for the next 2 weeks, especially during sweeps. It won’t get above a 1.2. The Vampire Diaries already had a 1.5 last week. It’s worth noting that last week Grey’s had its highest numbers since premiere and while there are those that want to chalk that up to ABC being female skewing and not getting hurt opposite World Series, I chalk it up to ABC getting over a 2.0 in the 8p hour with Charlie Brown (although I could be wrong). They haven’t been over a 2.0 in this hour since premiere week. Grey’s was only up .1 from the previous week, but honestly an encore of OUAT or Revenge  would do better at 8p, IMHO.  Maybe even a quickly put together DWTS special (“Top 10 Dances of the entire series” for example) could be an option. They could even just run Middle/Suburgatory encores for 2 weeks. Also why no Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 11/10? Whatever they do, I think it might benefit them to try something other then CA, especially since there is more drama competition at 9p with Bones this week (which will have a much bigger lead with X Factor) and if I were at ABC I wouldn’t want to hurt Grey’s.

ABC Wed is creatively on fire and from 8-11p it is doing better than they have in years. The three comedies not Modern Family had series highs last week and MF got a 4.5 with a rerun that aired for the 4th time. I wouldn’t touch this lineup and I don’t expect them to. It seems the one night ABC can leave alone the entire season. Maybe ABC should create their own promo for Wed along these lines watch?v=ki3DtW6K4VY I assume Happy Endings will be getting a back 9 (or 11) . soon. One can make the argument that ABC was helped last week with reruns on other nets and no World Series, but I don’t think that’s the whole story. There was still Survivor at 8 and The Middle was only up .1 from the week before. (It has been growing every week). Also, last year’s Halloween themed Wed comedies also gave the network series highs that night. I’m sure circumstances helped a little (mostly Happy Endings, but that show has been growing too and hopefully people who sampled last week’s will come back), but there is buzz about this entire night and ABC has been finding clever ways to promote it (Some great spots for Revenge this week, including one that focuses on the love triangle set to Adele’s “Turning Tables”).

Each network will be setting midseason schedules in the coming weeks and obviously CBS and FOX will have less to shuffle. NBC should be making some interesting moves. (Thu 10p?. Still think Tuesdays there’ll be shortened Biggest Loser followed by Voice results and Awake come March) I think ABC Tuesday might be a little easier to guess: Last Man Standing, Work It, Wipeout. But where some dramas on both nets and Apt 23/Cougar Town end up (Thu 10p? Maybe?) as well as 30 Rock and 2 new NBC comedies, should be rather interesting. More guesses on those later.

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One Response to Reflecting On This Past Week’s Ratings, Plus How It Might Impact Some Midseason Moves:

  1. forg9587 says:

    I think ABC should keep the OUAT reruns at 7 pm for the time being. Save America’s Funniest Home Videos later, maybe they can double that up when there’s an awards show so ABC will no longer air their drama shows against the Golden Globes and Grammys,

    As much as I want CBS to move TBBT I don’t think they will do it this season maybe next season because they rarely make big moves on midseason but then again if POI drops to low 2s with Bones as competition CBS should make the big move by midseason

    I hope Grimm works out for NBC, poor network

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