CBS Fall Sked: Snap Judgement Analysis

CBS is almost always solid, with very few holes to fill. They usually schedule smartly and for the most part this new schedule continues that tradition. 


Two Broke Girls seems a perfect fit out of HIMYM and as I mentioned the other day, HIMYM’s regular director Pamela Fryman directed the pilot Two Broke Girls. Two And A Half Men should get additional sampling at the outset of the season due to Ashton Kutcher joining. I thought they might air new comedy How To Be A Gentleman, but I guess they feel like Mike & Molly might have lost out the Two And A Half Men lead in since February and I get CBS trying to strengthen that and Hawaii 5-0. I think Mike & Molly could grow even more through summer reasons after Melissa McCarthy’s breakout performance in Bridemaids.


I Knew The Good Wife was leaving Tuesday But I thought they might move NCIS: LA down to 10 and put Person of Interest in the middle. Unforgettable should hold on to more of NCIS:LA then The Good Wife did, since it’s more of a straight up CBS procedural. It’s interesting that they went with another female led show here as Body of Proof has already been making inroads. More on this in Thursday section.


In my previous Upfront guesses articles, guessing-the-upfronts-cbs, I suggested and thought they would move CSI to Wed at 10 and they have done just that. This night just got even stronger. CBS will be in the 3’s from 8-10 and CSI should do around a 2.5 and give SVU some competition. With ABC having the only soap in the hour, Revenge, maybe they could carve out a younger 18-34 niche, especially with younger skewing Happy Endings leading in. But I think GCB would have a better shot breaking out here.


Kind of surprised CBS is adding new comedy How To Be A Gentlemen opposite X Factor, but I it should hold onto more of the younger audience of TBBT then Shit My Dad Says and Rules Of Engagement did. Personally I don’t doubt that Person Of Interest is a well made show. JJ doesn’t usually make a show that’s less than compelling (Undercovers is the lone exception as far as I can tell). Plus with Michael Emerson and Taraji P. Henson, it already has a stellar cast. I also don’t doubt it tested as well as CBS brass claims. Many people are saying CBS has been gutsy on this night before with Survivor, CSI, TBBT and this move follows that tradition. Here’s where I don’t think it’s quite the same thing. The shows CBS made a splash with on Thursday were shows that broke out somewhere else and then they moved it here. POE will have to start on its own and it’s the 3rd drama in the timeslot. Bones is doing great as a result of its IDOL now X Factor lead in. Lots of people want to knock Grey’s but with DVR included, it’s still the highest rated drama in the demo. Lots of high testing shows don’t break out. Lots of bad testing shows do (the pilots for Mary Tyler Moore, Seinfeld and Friends for example hardly tested off the charts and in the cases of the first two, they tested badly). I’m not saying research isn’t a useful tool, but it’s not the be all and end all. CBSs best option might have been to move TBBT to 9p. But if they were going with dramas, I have an idea how they might have made Tues and Thursday a bit stronger

( This is a suggested Tues/Thu schedule



Person of Interest – male skewing show in the middle of the male skewing NCIS franchise. It would also be the only drama in that timeslot. Good place for a new drama, sandwiched between two hits and where it’s the only drama option in the hour (except for the CW, which programs to an entirely different audience).




9p The Mentalist

10 Unforgettable – This show sounds exactly like The Mentalist except here the lead is not a fake “psychic” but a “rememberer”. Seems these two shows would be comaptible. The lead here is female and would probably do well against NBCs Prime Suspect and ABCs Private Practice  which both have female leads.

Even The Mentalist at 9 and POE at 10 seems like a giving POE a better shot

End of Fantasy schedule and back to the actual schedule thoughts)


A Gifted Mind Looks to recreate some of the Ghost Whisperer magic. Anything is Possible. But I wonder if a new drama can still break out on this night and I also wonder if a new show that is not a procedural can still breakout for CBS on Fri. I’d never bet against CBS though.


I see CBS putting Rules of Engagement here for one simple reason. Its ratings made it a tough show to cancel but they didn’t feel it is strong enough for wither Monday or Thursday. Plus this season will give it enough eps for syndication. So they’ll let it run out its last season here and use the 8:30 slot for reruns of their new comedies. Actually sounds like a win/win for all. Gainful employment for cast and creators of the show and additional sampling for new comedies that are in a tough time slot during the week.


As I mentioned in my previous upfront thoughts, I assumed CBS would either move The Good Wife to midseason for an uninterrupted run or move it to Sunday. They have moved it to Sunday. It should do as well as it was doing on Tuesday and as well as Undercover Boss was doing here recently, but it will command much higher ad rates than that show. So win/win. Only problem is Football overruns in the Fall that will delay it and it’s not exactly a show that screams NFL promos but it should at the very least hold its Tuesday numbers and with a truckload of Emmys expected fot it this year, CBS could a lot worse. Plus Football overruns will give help CBS numbers on the night anyway.

CBS has a nice bench for midseason including the aforementioned Undercover Boss.

My Tues/Thu reservations aside, I would not bet against CBS.  They are #1 and have hits every night of the week. Wed will be even stronger, Sunday possibly as well. Despite my thoughts, Tues and Thu could prove to be very successful. CBS execs are way smarter than I am. Even if new shows don’t pop, both nights have 2 hours of big hits. I assume overall, they will be #1 overall again, #2 if X Factor blows up huge.

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