Last minute ABC and CBS scheduling thoughts:

Since NBC and FOX have announced their Fall schedules, I had some new thoughts regarding ABC and CBS before they announce in the next 2 days:


Now that Tuesdays at 8 are remaining the same for NBC (Biggest Loser), FOX, (Glee) and CBS (I’d be shocked if NCIS moves) – it leaves ABC the perfect opportunity to launch their multi camera comedies – Last Man Standing – Tim Allen’s return to TV followed by Work It (Bosom Buddies redux). It’s great counter programming and will lead well into DWTS/Body of Proof. All shows skew 25-54.  It seems like best option they have had in a while for the 8p hour.

These last few weeks I have been thinking it’s time for ABC to move to Castle to 10p Wed. It will finally fix that timeslot for them and on Monday they can use that 20 million lead in from DWTS to launch one of their new shows. But NBC has now put performance shows up against DWTS and will lead out with The Playboy Club. I wonder if ABCs best bet for countering now is to leave Castle put. I’m honestly not sure. If they do move Castle it’s definite that they won’t launch Pan Am here. UPDATE: I just watched the season finale of Castle. Wow. If ABC indeed does move this to Wednesday, they set themselves up with one hell of a cliffhanger to insure people will come back… especially on a new day.

With NBC going procedural with Prime Suspect and with CBS airing either The Mentalist or new procedural Thu at 10p, ABC should definitely slot one of their best new soaps behind Grey’s and save Private Practice for midseason.

With FOX, NBC and CW all running supernatural dramas Fri 9p (and CBS likely drama), ABC should go unscripted. Either Shark Tank, or a new unscripted (they taped a pilot for a new game show with Chris Harrison but I don’t know the status of it).  This was where I think they wanted to possibly run multi camera comedies but since they will likely go on Tuesday, it seems they aren’t doing comedy on Fri this season. Shark Tank or other unscripted will handily win this hour while all the sci-fiers battle each other. It’s also much cheaper.

ABC has two exciting sounding high concept shows – The River and Once Upon A Time, well 3 if you include Pan Am (though that one should be easier to promote). I assume they will require the most promotion of their dramas. I am guessing one will launch in fall, one in Jan and one March after the Oscars. (NBC has their 2 best sounding dramas Awake and Smash sitting out til midseason, but NBC has the NFL in the fall and they will use the Super Bowl and The Voice to promote and launch the latter 2. I think this was smart on NBCs part.) ABC will definitely launch one of these in the fall.

NBC and FOX now have year round schedules with 3 successful music based competition shows. ABC has DWTS 2 cycles a year but then from the end of November until the middle of March, they don’t. They usually suffer as a result. Plus this year they have more competition than ever on Mondays from NBC. I’m wondering if they will announce plans for something new for those months – maybe some secret alternative/reality/performance show we haven’t heard about yet. Would be a big surprise at the Upfront.

Wonder how ABC will schedule Missing starring Ashley Judd. It has a 10 episode committment.

Two years ago ABC screened the entire Modern Family pilot at the upfronts to much applause. Will they show a complete pilot again? Maybe the buzzy Apartment 23?  If they do and it goes over as well as Mod Fam did, it might signal to Ad buyers that Paul Lee is off to an auspicious start and ABC has some new potential hits..


So I am gonna assume Monday will look like this:

HIMYM, Two Broke Girls, Two and a Half Men, How To Be A Gentlemen, Hawaii 5-0. Two Broke Girls fits perfectly out of HIMYM and even shares a director in Pamela Fryman.  How To Be A Gentlemen has two men including Johnny Drama as its stars and was written by and stars an alum from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Would mesh well with 2.5 Men and lead in to the male skewing H5-0 better than M&M did.

I think on Tuesday CBS slides down NCIS:LA to 10 and in the NCIS hammock launches Person Of Interest.

Wednesday-  they could put the original CSI at 10 to shore up that successful night. Of course it’s possible for them to schedule one of their new dramas here too. But CSI is a guaranteed 2.5.

Thursday – A few options: They could add Mike & Molly post TBBT. They are both Chuck Lorre shows and it will be hard to launch a new comedy opposite X Factor. Then they can either move The Mentalist to 9p and air Unforgettable or The 2-2 (Rookies) at 10 (it’s like Grey’s with Cops, after Greys on CBS)… OR

2nd option which I think is stronger: If they really wanted to shake up sked, and give a boost to TBBT, they can move TBBT to 9, air new comedy or Mike & Molly at 9:30 followed by The Mentalist at 10. What would go at 8? Possibly NCIS:LA and then leave The Good Wife Tues at 10.n They would win at 9p for sure with that schedule.

Friday- I say either one or both CSI spinoffs into Blue Bloods. I don’t see airing a new show on this night. Possibly Undercover Boss at 8p.

Sunday – The Amazing Race and Undercover Boss (unless this moves to Fri at 8 as it has trended down as of late). 10p either The Good Wife, or new Patrick Wilson drama A Gifted Mind. If The Good Wife doesn’t air here, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it saved for an uninterrupted midseason run.

I think 1 or 2 of CBS new dramas will be saved for midseason.

CBS also could announce a new reality show they developed secretly like they did with Kid Nation a few years back.

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