FOX Fall Sked: Snap Judgement

FOX had the easiest schedule to predict mostly because with X Factor taking up 3.5 to 4 hours, Terra Nova already penciled in, and Glee their big Tuesday night hit, there’s not much left to be filled in. They actually have their most consistent schedule in their history and with two big singing competitions now running through the entire season, I don’t see how they don’t remain #1 in the demo.

Monday – It makes sense to move House to 9 and start Terra Nova at 8. It’s a family show about dinosaurs and it doesn’t need a lead in. I initially had it slotted in after X FACTOR but this makes lots of sense. Plus with live performance shows on ABC and NBC , FOX has the drama audience all to themself.  It’s equally smart to see this night for Alcatraz at midseason.

Tuesday – Once The New Girl was picked up, most of us assumed, it would be Glee, The New Girl, Raising Hope. This is strong. New Girl should fit well out of Glee. I also think it’s smart to bench Glee reruns in  March in favor of a comedy block (probably including some version of their existing comedies paired with Family Album and Little In Common). One thing is clear: Tuesday at 8p has reality, NCIS, and Glee – this hour is wide open for ABC to slot multi cams – Last Man Standing and Work It.

Wednesday – we also all predicted X Factor into I Hate My Teenage Daughter – There is currently no multi cam at 9:30 and a multi cam should hold more of X Factor than a single cam. Also smart.

Thursday – I didn’t predict this correctly but FOX thinking here makes a lot of sense. They have been winning with IDOL/BONES, so X FACTOR/BONES makes should continue that. Launching Bones Spinoff, The Finder, here at midseason makes much sense too. Audience was introduced to these characters on the parent show and Hart Hanson is running both so there will be similar tonal qualities and probably characters passing through both shows. Perfect way to launch a new show and handle a star’s break for maternity leave simultaneously.

Friday – FOX has had their best Friday in ages with Kitchen Nightmares and Fringe. Makes sense to leave it as is. This will likely be Fringe’s last season.

Sunday – Animation Domination does great for FOX Sunday and they have found a way to seed new shows between their hits.

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