Multi camera shows are set to make a big comeback this upfront:

For the last numbers of years, CBS has been the only network regularly greenlighting (and having major success with) multi camera sitcoms. Last year, besides CBS, only one other network, ABC, greenlit a multi camera (Better With You).

So far NBC has picked up 2 multi camera shows – Whitney and Are You There God, It’s Me Chelsea?

Fox has picked up 1 I Hate My Teenage Daughter

ABC has picked up 2 – Last Man Standing, Work it,  (and a possible 3rd, Smothered, is still in contention)

So besides CBS (who has already greenlit their first one, Two Broke Girls) there are 5 multi camera shows already picked up for next TV season. I can’t remember the last time this was the case. Off the top of my head, I am gonna guess it was 04-05.

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3 Responses to Multi camera shows are set to make a big comeback this upfront:

  1. forg says:

    Fox picking up a lone multicamera is a bit weird

    Anyway, go multicams! I hope we’ll have keepers on the fresh crop

  2. manup says:

    man up is single camerta

  3. bigtvfan says:

    Thanks for the correction “manup”. All these months of development, for whatever reason, I thought it was multi cam, maybe because Christopher Moynihan’s last sitcom project (100 Questions for NBC) was multi cam. Anyway, thanks for the correction. I made the change above.

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