Looks like NBC is aiming squarely at ABC:

This snap judgement is based on the fact that 3 of NBCs drama pilot pickups are female skewing dramas: Prime Suspect, Smash and The Playboy Club

All 6 of their comedies sound like ABC shows – they are all fronted or co-fronted by wmen and many are written by women like the Christina Applegate starrer Up All Night, which was penned by Parks & Recreation’s, Emily Spivey, Whitney written by and starring Whitney Cummings, the Chelsea Handler comedy co-written by sitcom and Chuck Lorre vet, Dottie Zicklin, Best Friends Forever was co created and stars Jessica St. Claire.

Two other sitcoms are about relationships and sound very ABC:  Kathryn Hahn co-stars with Hank Azaria in Free Agents and Amanda Peet stars in Bent.

I think the fact that the more male skewing comedies like Brave New World (which sounds like the workplace comedies NBC currently has on Thursday) were passed over in favor of 6 female skewing comedies, is a signal Robert Greenblatt is looking for more mass appeal shows and has his sights set directly on ABCs Female skewing shows and audience.

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