Snap Judgement: NBC drama pickups

With a roster of expected returning dramas set to include procedural and ratings winner  SVU, the critically acclaimed family drama Parenthood, the old school but pulling a large audience (for NBC) Harry’s Law,  and the cult favorite Chuck, Robert Greenblatt has picked up 5 dramas where 4 of them sound like nothing currently on TV. I feel like he is  seizing the moment like ABC did in ’04 and putting on bold, exciting new shows:

Smash –  about the genesis of a Broadway Musical, with a pedigree that includes Steven Spielberg whose idea it was, legendary producers Neil Meron and Craig Zadon, director Michael Mayer, and original music by the amazing duo of Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman – the talent amassed here is amazing.

Grimm – from Angel’s David Greenwalt is about a police detective who discovers fairy tale creatures live among us

The Playboy Club is a 60s themed drama (like ABCs Pan Am) set in the Playboy club and starring Eddie Cibrian, David Krumholz and Amber Heard. If NBC wants noise this will certainly get attention.

Awake (formerly  REM), created by Kyle Killen who created last season’s best drama, Lone Star. This time it seems he has married the original themes of that show with Inception and a cast that boats Jason Isaacs in a starring role, and features Wilmer Valderrama, BD Wong, Steve Harris and Laura Harris. It’s one of the best reviewed Drama scripts of the season

The most standard of the bunch is Prime Suspect, but it’s written by Desperate Housewives’ Alexandra Cunningham and features Mario Bello returning to TV in the role made famous by Hellen Mirren.

This is a roster of interesting sounding, fresh, like nothing on TV shows, that along with the aforementioned more standard dramas, coupled with the NFL, the Super Bowl, and The Voice make me think NBC is gonna have their best season in at least 6 years.

I am also very interested in the pilots ABC head Paul Lee is set to pick up in his freshmen season. He also has an opportunity to make a mark with cutting edge and fresh dramas. Among rumored for pickups are Good Christian Bitches, Pan Am, Once Upon A Time which all seem fresh and exciting. Charlie’s Angels feels like a step back, but I get how it’s a pre sold concept and has attractive women, so if the scripts are fun and exciting, I understand why ABC wants it. Plus, hey what the hell do I know, maybe it’s great. I just hope it doesn’t come at the expense of another “exciting and fresh” new drama like The River. I am actively rooting for Scandal from Shonda Rhimes. I think Shonda knows how to tell effective stories for the ABC audience and I am a huge fan of Kerry Washington who I think should be a mega star. In addition, it’s beyond time for a show to revolve around an African-American female lead. We’ll find out soon.

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