Prediction: NBC will launch Season 2 of The Voice out of The Super Bowl…

…And Possibly air it on Thursday.

After the stellar premiere of The Voice, it had an even more impressive 2nd week last night, growing to a 5.6 from last week’s 5.1. That’s what the American Idol results show got last week and it’s only week 2 for this show. NBC officially has a big hit. (Yes numbers could go south now that the blind auditions are over, but I’m not expecting that).  It’s definitely returning next season. The only question is when.

With the NFL in the Fall, and the huge numbers it brings, NBC needs The Voice more in the second half of the season. I think NBC would be better served using The Sing Off one night in Fall and using the Super Bowl to launch season 2 Of The Voice. CBS premiered Survivor season 2 out of The Super Bowl to a mammoth audience and I think NBC will do the same thing with The Voice. It’s a family friendly show. It’s simple. It’s fun. It’s the perfect way to re-launch and add even more viewers – with the biggest audience leading into it. If they do this, it will most likely garner the biggest post Super Bowl audience since Survivor.

I would also not be surprised to see it expanded to 2 nights. Taking a page from the CBS and ABC playbook, I would also not be surprised if one of the nights it airs on is Thursday (CBS premiered Survivor season 2 after the Super Bowl and instead of returning it to Wednesday they surprised the biz by moving it to Thursday and with the tandem of that show and CSI they went from nowhere to #1. ABC also used the Super Bowl to make GREY’s a monster but instead of moving it the next season to Mondays where most expected it would go, on Upfront day they moved it to Thursday and also went from nowhere on Thursday to #1) . Yes Thursday is NBCs comedy night, but the only show bringing in really good numbers is The Office. What if they aired The Voice at 8p into 2 hours of comedies. All of a sudden it could be a return to must See TV ( It could also dent Idol). As CBS and ABC have proven, all it takes is one show to transform a night and a network.

Speaking of, the shows that still command ratings of yesteryear and are DVR proof, are either live sporting events or live performance reality shows i.e. IDOL, DWTS, and possibly The Voice.

Looking over the nets for next year:

FOX – has the NFL On Sundays,  complete with overruns that helps their Sunday lineup. Plus it helps promote their lineup for the whole week. They’ll also have X Factor AND IDOL next season.

CBS – Ditto on the NFL, they also have March Madness, plus CBS has such a rock solid sked and they are immune to any ratings dips that always seem to affect the other nets.

NBC – NFL Sunday night – gives them the most watched show of the week, complete with 3 hours of primetime promotion. Next year they have The Super Bowl and it looks like a game changer with The Voice, plus the Summer Olympics.

ABC – outside of the NBA playoffs in June, zero sports presence. They do have 20 weeks of DWTS, but for 4 months, smack dab in the middle of the season, they have no DWTS. ABC is in dire need of a new game changing hit. I am sure they know this and spend their days trying to get one. It’s way easier said than done.  I was looking over their Summer Sked and thought of some things:

Nothing on their Summer Sked currently feels like the next game changing hit. They do have 2 new shows that sound interesting. Mark Burnett’s Expedition Impossible and Jerry Bruckheimer’s Take The Money & Run. The problem with the former is that it’s set to launch the same night as The Voice finale. It’s also possible that NBC extends The Voice beyond its late June end date. Either way, the tandem of The Voice/AGT on Tuesdays will make it hard for ABC to launch a new hit on that night. I think they should either delay Expedition Impossible til after The Voice finishes or move it to Thursday at 9 (much less competition) where 101 Ways To Leave a Game Show is set to air. Watching clips of the UK version on You Tube, it feels like this season’s Downfall (game show from last Summer that had zero drama and flopped). Plus it tanked in the UK. That’s just my snap judgement. It’s quite possible I am wrong. ABC has nothing set currently for Sundays in the Summer (It’s possible they are planning to use that night for reruns of Castle and/or Body Of Proof). That would be the night to try a new performance reality show (leading into one of those procedurals).

Obviously I don’t know what that next game changing hit is – whether it’s Simon Cowell’s new roulette show, another singing/dancing performance show, but ABC could certainly benefit from it.

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One Response to Prediction: NBC will launch Season 2 of The Voice out of The Super Bowl…

  1. dryedmangoez says:

    The Voice is definitely a possibility. But I also see NBC launching Wonder Woman out of the Super Bowl. Family friendly (maybe), sexy Adrianne Palicki for the guys, action, adventure, it would be a good fit.

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