The Voice premieres huge – What happens now?

‘Twas a great night for network TV last night. There was a new challenger and it made the networks step up their game and in turn they rewarded viewers with great TV and as a result most got nice rating returns.

Kudos to NBC. The Voice was a new spin on a music competition show. Great panel of mega stars, great talent. Seems like everyone’s water cooler is buzzin’ today. They in turn got phenomenal numbers – almost 12 million viewers and 5.1, highest rated premiere since Undercover Boss and that followed the Super Bowl. Highest rated show in the 18-49 demo last night beating Glee and DWTS. Just my gut, but based on the positive buzz, I don’t see the show not growing. I know it’s very premature, but with this show and The NFL next season and one or two new scripted hits, I have a feeling NBCs days in the cellar are close to being over. At the very least they are gonna be a force on Tuesdays from now til the Fall with the combo of The Voice and AGT. They also usurped most of what makes X Factor unique and that show will now likely feel like an also ran. Might The Voice be the show that follows the Super Bowl next year as it segues into season 2? Remember how CBS launched Season 2 of Survivor our of Super Bowl to mammoth ratings? It’s interesting that ABC just moved into 3rd place for the season and now this show premieres huge. It has the potential to change things. They’ll also get a huge boost with The Office this week.

Going Forward:

NBC – I’ll be shocked if NBC doesn’t leave The Voice at 10p (after next week). They have the hour all to themselves and don’t have to compete with NCIS and Glee. It will undoubtedly rule the hour while it’s on at 10p. The Biggest Loser can remain 8-10p. Or depending on the footage they have, they can make it 2 hours every week (and/or cut The Bigges Loser down, like last night). Certainly once the show goes live, they can easily make it 2 hours.  

NBC smartly scheduled a rerun tonight of the premiere and I imagine they will be #1 from 9:30-11p as people who are watching IDOL switch to that. I imagine next week they will rerun next Tuesday’s 2 hour from 8-10 on Wed into new SVU. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see another airing either Sat night or Sunday from 7-9 into the show that runs from 9-11p (not giving that guy any more press). 

ABC – I love Jamie Oliver and what he’s trying to do but it got a 1.1 last week. The 8p DWTS more than doubled that with a 2.4 and probably helped the second hour rise to a 3.5 (over a 3.0 from last week) which is impressive vs the tougher competition from Glee and The Voice. Next week NCIS is back in the hour. ABC did well to pump up their night including Body Of Proof, which is beyond a lock to return. Last night it went up in total viewers and only down a tenth in the demo. Yes it had a bigger lead in, but it also had much tougher competition.  I know it’s rougher on them, but the amateur programmer in me says they need to produce another live hour of DWTS for the next 4 weeks to air at 8p. They could bring back former celebs to dance again each week. If Jamie airs there next week, with the added competition, their whole night will suffer. The final 4 Jamie Olivers can air on Friday immediately after this season airs.

FOX- would not be surprised to see FOX replace Traffic Light with reruns of Raising Hope or even Family Guy.

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