Thoughts on ratings lately, especially Mon 4/18/11:

-What the hell is going on? Why is everything so down lately, even more than normal? Is it Spring break, Passover week, Easter week, Daylight Savings Time, Warmer weather (as a New Yorker we haven’t been blessed with the warmer weather yet)? I am honestly asking.

-Every time ABC tries a comedy at 9:30 after DWTS it doesn’t work. No matter if it’s multi cam, single cam, hit, not a hit. I get that when there are 8 contestants left it’s really a stretch for 90 min. You know what, stretch. Make the first half a recap or whatever. It’s clear there are far less viewers viewers at 8p in the Spring anywhere. The last half can air at 9:30 when more viewers are available. The truth is, as a fan of Cougar Town, it’s nice to get the mammoth lead in. But the last Cougar Town was higher rated and followed a Modern Family rerun. (Comedies work better with other comedies.) But except for a couple of weeks, DWTS should always be 2 hours. It appears next week will be the last week it will be 90 minutes this season, and for the last 3 new eps of Castle in May it will follow a 2 hour DWTS. But if Cougar Town got a 2.3 after a 4.6 for DWTS last half, I imagine Better With You will do even worse next week –  even with DWTS pro Derek Hough as a guest and CBS and Fox in reruns.

-With the diminished levels everywhere, somehow FOX was flat. House got a 3.2 at 8p. For a 7-year-old show, that’s pretty great, especially in the current TV climate. I don’t see this show moving from FOX Mondays anytime soon. Even The Chicago Code held its 1.9 from last week.

-CBS is really hurting without Charlie Sheen. The net that never gets hurt is seeing low levels on this night. Even with zero competition from NBC and NO Castle and a new Mike and Molly leading into it (as opposed to a 2.5 Men rerun last week). Mike and Molly could be a keeper for CBS as it rises significantly from the 2.5 Men rerun, but it’s obviously not ready to anchor the night at 9pm.

-Need we any more proof that most people don’t give a s*!t about The Royal Wedding. The 20/20 special got a 1.7. If I were ABC, I’d remove the 20/20 special Thu at 8p, the first night of Sweeps. A Wipeout rerun or a rerun of the last new Grey’s (the musical) will probably do better, even on the eve of the wedding.

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5 Responses to Thoughts on ratings lately, especially Mon 4/18/11:

  1. Lucy says:

    Could the boycott of ABC have anything to do with the poor viewership of ABC shows on 4/18?

  2. bigtvfan says:

    I don’t think so. DWTS isn’t down drastically. Cougar Town had the same retention it gets out of a Modern Family that gets a 4.6, plus it’s been off the air for 10 weeks. The Royal Special numbers aren’t that surprising to me.

  3. bigtvfan says:

    But I honestly don’t know Lucy

  4. Lucy says:

    It would be refreshing to think that “the little people” could make a difference through peaceful protest/boycotting. The power with which major corporations control consumer consumption has become frightening to me.

  5. forg says:

    I was pretty shocked How I Met Your Mother is mid 2s for the past two weeks!

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