David Muir is headed for big things at ABC

This week George Stephanopoulos was on vacation from Good Morning America. I am a big fan of Bill Weir, now co-anchor at Nightline and was hoping he would fill in for him. (Chris Cuomo recently filled in for George, I believe). I think Bill can do hard news as well as entertainment/fluff pieces, both with much aplomb. That’s not the easiest thing to master. (Example: While I am a big fan of George and his political coverage, after more than a year in the anchor chair, it seems he still isn’t incredibly comfortable with the celebrity/fluff part of the job).

ABC had Weekend news anchor, David Muir, fill in for George and co-host with Robin Roberts. He has done some wonderful reporting, including a recent stint in Japan. He’s a great reporter and anchor, but in all honesty, to me, he seemed a bit too serious for the morning gig which requires one to excel at both.

Well color me wrong, as this week he showed a different side of himself. He was comfortable and loose when the job called for it and even more impressive, his rapport with Robin was just perfect. Chemistry is one of those things you can’t create. It’s either there or it isn’t. This was a tougher week for GMA too, as they were surrounded by all that Chris Brown controversy, but they handled it perfectly together with much ease and comfortability between them.

(Side note: I have said it many times, but Robin Roberts is the warmest presence on morning TV. She is professional and smart, but she is also the kind of personality you would love to be friends with.  There’s no one I enjoy watching in the morning more).

I don’t know if having David fill in all week was the choice of new EP James Goldston, but whoever made the decision, it worked. It started me thinking that ABC might be grooming David to be the successor to George. Whatever big things ABC has in store for him, He and Robin made watching GMA a joy this week. 

He has recently been named official anchor of both weekend editions of World News, so it’s also possible ABC sees him as Diane Sawyer’s successor. Either way it’s obvious ABC sees him as a big part of the future of ABC News and it’s understandable why.

Here’s a sample of what I am talking about as Robin busts David for … well you’ll see


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