A Quick Fix to ABCs Tuesday Problem:

ABC is getting clobbered on Tuesday currently. All 3 shows are most likely not returning next season. A shame, as Detroit 1-8-7, has really blossomed into an excellent cop show. V, for all its flaws is still a more fun TV show than many that are in better ratings shape, plus it sports two great leading ladies in Elizabeth Mitchell and Morenna Baccarin. Even No Ordinary Family boasts a fun cast. The fact that these shows couldn’t break out even more while FOX wasn’t running originals during January most likely sealed their fate. ABC was a distant 4th last night (tied with Univision, although they were 5th with 18-34) and closer to the CW than any of the other big 4. I can’t imagine a major network just happy to surrender to the end of March when they have other assets .

Part of me thinks ABC will ride this schedule out until DWTS returns on March 29th. But I think ABC could dramatically improve their 9p and 10p hours with one show – Wipeout. Wipeout came back to great numbers – a  3.8 and 3.7 the 2 weeks it didn’t face IDOL on Thursday. But even last Thursday it got a very, very respectable 2.5 while airing against IDOL and a new The Big Bang Theory. That number is way higher than anything ABC has aired in Thursday 8p hour since the first few weeks of Flash Forward. Obviously another reality show is gonna take the biggest hit against IDOL. But I think ABC isn’t using Wipeout to their advantage.  Last Wednesday, Minute To Win It got a 1.7 vs. Idol but at 9p when Idol ended it surged and it got a time slot winning 3.4 at 9:30. Wipeout is clearly a stronger show ratings wise. It gets a 2.5 vs IDOL while MITWI gets a 1.7.  The Tuesday dramas potentially bring in more money in ad rates, but isn’t it also important to be competitive? ABC runs a Wipeout rerun on Sat at 8p where they get a 1.2. Why waste a powerful asset like Wipeout on Sat? AFV reruns would do just as well. They went out of their way to greenlight a Winter edition of Wipeout, so why not get the biggest “bang for their buck” out of it.

If I were ABC, I’d be using those 2 airings of Wipeout on Tuesday and Thursday as opposed to  Thursday and Saturday. For sweeps (at least) I think their lineup would be infinitely stronger if they did this:

8p No Ordinary Family

9p Wipeout originals

10p V

There is actual flow to this night and it keeps their strongest performers on the night. I liken Glee to Idol, so I would keep Wipeout away from it and air it at 9 as their anchor. If ABC is worried that Wipeout is a family show, look at what MITWI did in the 9p hour – higher numbers than EVER. The competition for Wipeout at 9p isn’t as strong and considering that V got a 1.8 out of an original NOF that garnered a 1.5. it should do at least that, if not more, at 10p and make them more competitive at 10pm where the time slot winner is getting a 2.2.  ABCs 9p and 10p hours would be dramatically higher rated. 

(As much as I have liked the last few eps of Detroit 1-8-7, the numbers aren’t cutting it. There are 4 eps left. They can schedule 3 of them in March before Body Of Proof premieres and maybe 1 on Sat)

I would remove those encores of Wipeout from Saturday and use them Thursdays at 8p. Even vs IDOL, Wipeout repeats well (on weeknights) and should get close to a 2, which is still far superior to anything ABC has aired Thursdays at 8p this Fall. Plus unlike Tuesday they have a strong 9-11p on Thursday.

Even though I think this would help ABC dramatically, I don’t think they will do it. I don’t understand, however,  why they don’t move up the DWTS results show (and Body Of Proof premiere) to March 22nd, the night after DWTS premieres.

ABC can make themselves infinitely more competitive on Tuesday by using Wipeout.

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