Quick and Random Thoughts on TV Last Night:

Last Night I watched 5/6 of NBCs comedy lineup (didn’t see most of Outsourced). My immediate takeaway:  Perfect Couples makes Better With You look great. I’ve seen 2 episodes now and it’s frankly, just bad. It’s not remotely believable or funny, to me. The situations are ludicrous. I feel badly most for Kyle Bornheimer and Christine Woods. They’re the only two people who seem real to me. They both have been the best things in their last few projects. Even here I find them likeable and real. I feel like if the show revolved around them, I might be more inclined to watch. They both deserve better. Here’s hoping this pilot season they get matched to the right roles that will highlight their respective talents and they both get a hit.

I attempted to sample the pilot of Fairly Legal. I’ll be honest, I know people love USA shows. They’re just not my cup of tea. I usually always sample the pilots. I got through halfway and honestly I was bored. The scene where Kate mediated between the mugger and owner of the coffee shop she stopped in, was ludicrous and badly written, IMHO. I’m sure it will be a hit as USA apparently is the CBS of cable. So good luck to them. I have always liked Sarah Shahi (since the first season of Alias) and would have liked to see her star in a better pilot.

Finally, I watched most of Piers Morgan with Ricky Gervais. I fell asleep midway through. not because I was bored. It was about 1:30am. Ricky continued to prove why he’s so terrific and funny and smart and I completely agree with his take on the whole Globes situation. But I have to say I’m still hardly impressed with Piers. I know he keeps telling us how great he is, but he didn’t ask any amazing questions .(Cockiness and lack of humility is a major turn off to me in general, but it’s not even remotely earned here at all). The one question I kept waiting for him to ask was would Ricky have done the scientology joke if the people he was talking about were in the audience (That joke and the one aimed at HFPA chief both seemed a tad too mean, IMHO, as they were personal attacks . Actually the Cher joke was kinda mean too and not really accurate or funny, but I digress, I truly like Ricky.) Maybe he did after I feel asleep.

Normally I don’t watch IDOL until it gets down to real singers (Hollywood Week), but I watched Wednesday just to sample it. I have always loved Steve Tyler and he was a great addition. I think Jennifer Lopez was kind too. I know I’m in the minority but I always found Simon Cowell unneccesarrily mean.  The new panel all had a nice chemistry and I appreciated how the show focused on the good singers. I think the show is gonna be fine. It actually made me record last night’s show, which I never do at this stage of the competition. I’ll try to catch up over the weekend.

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