NBC midseason tinkering in 3…2…1

UPDATE: Tues 1/18/11 – 6:10p – Well, that didn’t take long. In light of the LOLA shakeup , Parenthood will stay on Tuesdays. Harry’s Law will air all its 13 eps which should take it til Mid April… right about the time I expect them to them to premiere The Voice. Parenthood also could finish it 22 ep order by mid/late April. I would not be surprised to see it replaced with The Voice:Results show

Also, I’ve mentioned in a few posts that I thought NBC would give The Next Great Restaurant a better slot than Wed at 9, vs IDOL.  I had suggested Tue or more recently Thu at 10. NBC has now scheduled it for Sun at 8 bumping The Marriage Ref indefinitely.

I still expect Chase to be pulled before sweeps so I expect SVU reruns  (or Minute To Win It reruns, thought my gut says SVU) to occupy the Wed at 9 slot beginning with Feb Sweeps. I now return you to the original post:


Tues 1/18/11 – Noon The Cape is under a 2 already and while Harry’s Law premiered with a 2.1, it had over 11 million viewers AND it grew in total viewers at 10:30 – beating the mighty CBS and Hawaii 5-0 in total viewers (and H5-0 dropped at the half in Viewers). Obviously it can come crashing down next week and it clearly skews older, but NBC doesn’t have many shows that start off with 11 million viewers. This makes me reiterate my point, that I expect NBC to do some tinkering with its midseason schedule.

I honestly expect Parenthood to remain Tuesday at 10 where it’s doing really well for NBC and frankly  – any drama at 10 – If you finally have a 10p drama that’s working, why would you take it off for a month and then move it to another night (Mondays in this case)? No smart network would and whatever NBCs issues are, I don’t think they’re stupid. Do you know how many 10p shows they have that get over a 2? One and it’s Parenthood. Plus it’s a tenth away from being #1 in the hour. They would be stupid to move it.

If Harry’s Law holds up in demo and doesn’t drop too many total viewers in weeks to come, I honestly think NBC will let it play out the 13 eps here (obviously a big “if”).

Chase will be gone before sweeps so NBC can put LOLA Wed at 9 (or Mondays at 9 into Harry’s Law). I still wonder if NBC will bring The Event back to Mondays. It was under a 2 in November and that was before a three month hiatus.

Once 30 Rock and Outsourced finish up in April, I would not be shocked to see The Next Great Restaurant there.

Whatever happens, I am more convinced than ever, that in early May, Mondays from 9-11p will be the home of The Voice and will carry them through much of the Summer. (results show on Tues, maybe at 10). Between The Voice and AGT, NBC Mon-Wed would be set. NBC “Bachelor In The Wild” show could be used on Sundays (away from The Bachelorette), but NBC Summer is something to discuss another time.

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