Some lingering questions as TCA closes:

As TCA comes to a close tomorrow, here are some lingering questions regarding a number of the networks:

  • Is it Possible NBC won’t debut Friends With Benefits, The Paul Reiser Show and/or Love Bites before Summer? It’s not uncommon for midseason shows not to have debut dates at press tour. It is, however, uncommon for shows the network plans to debut at midseason not to have a panel. Based on the lack of many available slots without heavy competition and the lack of panels for them, I’m starting to wonder if NBC might not debut them before Summer. Obviously nets are starting to air more scripted originals in Summer although relegating these shows to Summer probably means NBC has lost complete faith. I wouldn’t be surprised to see one of the comedies take up space a few weeks at 8:30 in the Spring (or sooner if Perfect Couples tanks).                                                                                                                                       
  • Speaking of NBC comedy Thursday, after Feb Sweeps there are 6 weeks of originals of 30 Rock/Outsourced left. With 12 weeks left to the season, is it possible NBC uses that slot in Spring for either Love Bites OR The Next Great Restaurant?                                                                     
  • One more NBC note: They seem to be awfully excited about The Voice. My guess is this will get a late Spring launch to lead into being a big Summer tentpole for them when IDOL is over. I’m thinking a late April/early May start. I also think they’ll avoid airing on the IDOL nights. My hunch is they are looking at a Monday/Tuesday sked. I can see them airing it Mondays from 9-11p and Tuesdays at 10p. They would only face the second hour of DWTS on Monday and they have potential to skew younger and then they’d have the 10p hour to themselves and could potentially carry over some DWTS people. Unless it’s a colossal bomb, it’s not hard to fathom that The Voice would do far better than Chase or Harry’s Law (which in addition to launching a potential franchise and usurping the debut of The X Factor, is a major plus for NBC). On Tuesday it could follow The Biggest Loser (after Parenthood ends its run should NBC leave it there or after LOLA does) and then America’s Got Talent – both compatible and strong lead ins.                                                                                             
  • CBS has scheduled Chaos for Fridays at 8 indicating they might not have such strong faith in it OR is it simply that they have no available slots? Hawaii 5-0 will have aired 19 eps at the end of February sweeps (very rare). Really surprised they aired 12 new eps before Christmas. With a 24 episode order that leaves virtually all of March and April full of reruns, is it possible CBS might air a few eps on Monday and/or also on Tuesday in place of The Good Wife reruns? Many have suggested it seems like a good fit with the NCIS franchise.                                                                                                  
  • As of now ABC has no Thursday 8p show beginning in March. They will also have 6 weeks of GREYS/PP reruns for March/April. I can’t imagine they plan to just sit out this important night for roughly 2 months. I assumed they would use their long in the works Extreme Makeover:Weight Loss Edition here for those months. But once again, there was no TCA panel for it. Did they not like the completed eps? Are they saving it for Summer? What will they do on this night for March/April?                                                                                                                                                           
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