Not such a crazy NBC thought (s):

I think NBC will be amending its midseason schedule shortly. In the process, these moves would protect Parenthood and give The Next Great Restaurant a better shot at success.

Based on how well Parenthood is doing (now that this season of The Biggest Loser is performing much better than this Fall’s edition did), I think NBC will leave it Tues at 10. Currently it is scheduled to be removed in February (with LOLA set to take its place on Tuesday) and then it will move to Monday at 10 in March). Last night it was only a tenth behind The Good Wife and any show in first or second season getting a 2.2 at 10 in this climate and one that increases a full point with DVR, is a hit, and NBC can’t afford to mess around with that. Currently it has a great and compatible lead in and moving it now would only curb its momentum.

If NBC  does leave Parenthood Tuesdays at 10, and runs new eps through Feb sweeps, instead of running reruns of it in March/April (which would be necessary), I can see NBC using Tues at 10 for The Next Great Restaurant. Think about it, it would have the reality slot all to itself (unlike on Wed at 9, where it is currently scheduled to air and where it would be up against IDOL) and have a much better shot at success. Plus The Biggest Loser is a much stronger lead in than Minute To Win it. When its 8 week run is completed, Parenthood could come back shortly before May sweeps to finish its season with its last 5 episodes.

Clearly Law and Order: LA is having issues with recasting and I could see NBC slotting that Wed at 9 into SVU. Clearly Chase won’t be there once Feb Sweeps starts.

Depending on how The Cape and/or Harry’s Law perform, I can see NBC possibly also using LOLA Monday at 10. If Harry’s Law does okay, I can see NBC just letting all 13 episodes play out which would take it until mid April. If The Cape does well I can see NBC letting all 13 eps of that show play out with The Event taking over for Harry’s Law if the latter tanks while the former prevails.

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