Meaningless and mildly interesting Midseason Notes:

Now that all nets have announced their midseason schedules a few interesting (actually not) things emerge:

  • Out of 5 networks on Wed at 8p the only scripted offerings in that hour are on ABC with THE MIDDLE/BETTER WITH YOU. CBS, NBC, FOX and The CW all have reality.


  • Sunday at 8p there is no live action scripted show on any network (once THE AMAZING RACE returns). CBS, NBC, ABC have reality and FOX has animated comedies.


  • Thursday night at 8p had zero reality shows in the Fall (the only night Sun-Thurs without one in that hour). Now it as two – FOXs AMERICAN IDOL and ABCs WINTER WIPEOUT


  • NBC and ABC will bring back the 3 hour comedy block, the first time this has been attempted since ABC Wednesdays in  Fall of ’91 


  • 2 former FRIENDS stars return to TV in their 2nd new series for both since that show ended. It’s the first single camera/half hour show for each of them. Matt Le Blanc  returns in Showtime’s EPISODES and Matthew Perry in ABCs MR. SUNSHINE


  • 2 Oscar Winners come to TV in their first starring vehicles: Kathy Bates in NBCs HARRY’S LAW and Forest Whitaker in CBSs CRIMINAL MINDS:SUSPECT BEHAVIOR


  • Tyler Labine stars in his 4th new show since 2005 with CBSs MAD LOVE. NBC remains the only network he hasn’t starred in a show for since then. (ABCs  INVASION, CWs REAPER,  FOXs SONS OF TUCSON)


  • Damon Wayans returns to ABC Wednesday in HAPPY ENDINGS. Actually it’s Damon Wayans Jr, but word is his Dad guest stars in an ep as his character’s Dad.


Now some meaningless (and probably wrong) guesses for the few shows not scheduled yet:

30 ROCK/OUTSOURCED have 12 eps left each. I am gonna guess they wrap their seasons April 7th (after airing 12 consecutive eps beginning Jan 20th) with LOVE BITES taking over beginning April 14th

NBC also has 6 eps of THE PAUL REISER SHOW which I see following COMMUNITY in the Spring and FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS (maybe Summer)

ABC still has EXTREME MAKEOVER:WEIGHT LOSS EDITION on the table and Thurs at 8p vacant in March. I am assuming ABC will use it somewhere on Thursday either as an hour or as a 2 hour block to fill in for GREYS which will need a number of weeks off in the Spring.

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