CBS Midseason Guesses:

UPDATE: With the exception of CRIMINAL MINDS spinoff Wed at 10 beginning 2/16 and THE DEFENDERS to Friday at 8p, I got everything wrong. MAD LOVE will go to Mondays at 8:30 with RULES moving to Thu at 8:30 and I have to say, it makes sense. MAD LOVE is a perfect fit after HIMYM and will have an easier time launching there than vs. IDOL. RULES OF ENGAGEMENT will do as well, if not better than SHIT MY DAD SAYS as it’s already getting the same score and TBBT presents a bigger lead in than HIMYM.

I assume CHAOS completed eps aren’t turning out as well as CBS expected, because they fought for that show when the deal fell through initially. I can’t imagine they fought for it for Fri at 8p.

CBS giving BLUE BLOODS 4 weeks Wed at 10, until CM premieres was done for 2 reasons, I think:

1) It exposes it to a larger audience available on a night not Friday and

2) knowing that THE DEFENDERS probably won’t return next Fall, it lets CBS be more competitive on Wed until CM:SB begins. With SVU and OFF THE MAP in the slot now, THE DEFENDERS would most likely be 3rd. CBS is being more competitive and possibly trying to halt any momentum for OTM, should it open decently the week before.

Original post:

CBS should be announcing their midseason schedule this week. Some guesses:

  • Since SHIT MY DAD SAYS didn’t get a full 22 eps, I am gonna guess MAD LOVE will take over for it after TBBT after March Madness ends. With 19 eps they can end on March 10th, followed by 2 weeks of March Madness and March 31st MAD LOVE can premiere. (Still wonder if CBS might flop CSI and TBBT/SMDS in Jan so that TBBT doesn’t face IDOL and CSI should hold up fine vs. IDOL as all CBS procedurals do)
  • I am gonna assume CRIMINAL MINDS:SUSPECT BEHAVIOR will air on Wed at 10 following the parent show and I’m gonna guess it premieres on Feb 16th, the same day as the premiere of the new season of SURVIVOR. THE DEFENDERS could then move to Fridays at 8p in the slot vacated by MEDIUM. (CBS doesn’t leave shows that get a 2.0 at 10p for very long)
  • Here comes the tricky part, where does CBS put CHAOS? No room on Monday, Tues, or Wed. Could CBS essentially save it for Summer? Well, yes. But what if after March Madness CBS moved up THE MENTALIST for a few weeks to 9p and then tried out CHAOS at 10p. After a few weeks original CSI eps could pop back in at 9p. This way instead of airing any reruns of their Thursday dramas they could keep them in originals starting in Feb thru May and possibly try to launch a new show after it. (If CHAOS bombs, no harm done and you can be sure CBS will instantly move CSI/THE MENTALIST back to 9-11p) Since they have 13 eps, maybe they could use an original ep or two to air instead of THE GOOD WIFE reruns which don’t rerun as well as other CBS dramas. CBS could essentially keep their schedule mostly fresh and potentially launch a new hit. It’s a somewhat risky strategy, but those kind of moves have worked our well for them this year and with such a rock solid schedule, they are in a position to do it…  or they could save it for Summer, I suppose.
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