More midseason musings – CW, CBS, ABC:

Yesterday I tried to assess how the new FOX midseason  schedule will impact all the nets and it will impact all of them somehow. I had a few more thoughts since then.


I kind of pooh poohed what IDOL could do to The Vampire Diaries and I expected it to just knock it down a couple of tenths. The truth is, there are a lot of young kids that are passionate about both shows. Plus, this is the CWs flagship show, their highest rated-most buzzed about-most respected by critics- show. It started me wondering. I assumed that the new reality show Shedding For The Wedding would go Tue at 9 in place of LUX. Yes it’s also a weight loss show going against The Biggest Loser, but the twist here is they are losing weight for their wedding and it would probably skew younger than TBL. I assume the CW developed it for Wed at 8 in between Top Model cycles. I just can’t see them scheduling it against 4 network reality shows, including IDOL  (Wed at 8p is now reality central except for ABC) . I still see it Tue 9p or maybe somewhere on Monday in place of reruns of one of their Monday dramas. BUT – What if the CW moved The Vampire Diaries to Tue at 9p. You know there are tons of young 18-34s watching GLEE that would switch right over. There’s always the chance that it could do even better on Tue at 9p as I don’t imagine NCIS:LA  shares any audience and the other offerings in the hour are getting in the 2 range. As for Thurs at 8, The CW could always move One Tree Hill there. It’s probably the last season and it has held up okay against IDOL before OR they could just schedule reruns of their highest rated drama The Vampire Diaries in its current home. Bet it would do as well as anything they might schedule there.


This morning I added this thought to yesterday’s post and the more I think about it, the more I think CBS might do it. I think CBS might swap CSI and TBBT, so that TBBT gets the 9p anchor slot and avoids IDOL. CSI is not gonna grow anymore and like all CBS procedurals shouldn’t get hurt that much by IDOL. NCIS always held up fine vs IDOL. I would think CSI would as well. Plus the procedural fans that were enjoying Bones at 8p can watch CSI.  Bones was only .4 away from CSI this week. and Bones aired in the 8p hour where HUT levels are lower. With an IDOL lead in it will certainly knock CSI down. TBBT has been the highest rated demo show for weeks at 8p. At 9p with higher HUT levels, it could at least hold its 8p numbers and possibly grow. Maybe sometime this season, they pair it with the young skewing MAD LOVE at 9:30. At 9p CBS has a shot at being the highest rated show in the hour. The Office does present some competition but that show is in its 7th season. I could see CBS leaving the schedule as is, But I also wouldn’t be surprised to see them make this move.


Yesterday I pondered the thought of ABC moving Wipeout To Tuesday at 9p (from its planned Thu at 8p spot) as their Tues anchor in between NOF and V. The problem is Thursday would have no lead in again. So I am assuming that Wipeout skews a bit more male and maybe would hold up okay on Thurs. I’m honestly not sure. I could hear an argument made either way. The other problem is that Detroit would have to be moved. The one thing that is clear that I didn’t think about is that No Ordinary Family will be facing Glee reruns in January. So it really is ABCs best shot to see of this show will work or not. If it can’t get at least a 2 in Jan, it’s probably not gonna happen, unfortunately. There is a hole on Tues in Jan/Feb for some kind of music/performance/elimination show. I know those are hard to come by, especially if you want it to be good, original and have a shot at working. But If I were ABC I would contemplate how quickly they could get a decent one together.

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