How I Think NBC Midseason Might Shake Out:

With the news that NBC is actually taking the plunge to do a 6 comedy block for Thurs, Here’s how I think NBC might schedule their midseason lineup:


Until March, I see them stunting with specials. Between their coverage of The Golden Globes and big Football games, The Super Bowl and The Oscars, it doesn’t make sense to schedule regular programming til then.

In March I could see this:

8p- The Cape – I think they’ll do what ABC didn’t in scheduling No Ordinary Family here.  It’s a live action comic book series where there is no live action drama. There are two reality series here and FOX’s animated hits.

9p – either 2 hour Celebrity Apprentice or they might want to save it for Summer to distance itself from the current regular version. In that case I can see The Next Great Restaurant

10p- Harry’s Law


8p- Chuck

9p- The Event – I think they’ll just ride this out

10p- They are probably reconsidering their CHASE pickup. I see the remaining eps airing on Fri or Sat. I think NBC really wants to shore up this 10p slot and will move Law and Order:SVU here, which will give life to the slot and will certainly do better than it is currently Wed  at 9p. With Idol entering that slot in Jan it’s not gonna get easier there. (If they don’t move SVU here., I could see the Next Great Restaurant here)


8p- The Biggest Loser

10p- Love Bites. I expect Parenthood to return here in March for an uninterrupted run of the last 12 eps or another slot if Love Bites takes off


8p- Minute To Win It – It’s a very competitive slot, especially with IDOL coming somewhere on this night and this a very cheap alternative that does decently. Wouldn’t be surprised to see 2 hour versions of it – (maybe a rerun into a new one).

10p – LOLA


8p – Community

8:30p- Perfect Couples

9p The Office

9:30 Parks and Recreation

10p- 30 Rock

10:30 – Outsourced

Paul Reiser has 6 eps. I can see it taking the place of Outsourced reruns in March. Maybe Friends With Benefits takes over for Perfect Couples In April after it finishes its 13 ep run (unless it blows up)


8p – Who Do You Think You Are

9p – Dateline

(10p maybe Chase though my gut says Sat)

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