Trying to Guess ABC Midseason:

With ABCs full season pickups of NO ORDINARY FAMILY and BETTER WITH YOU and official cancellation of THE WHOLE TRUTH, it’s not hard to see where ABC’s holes will be midseason.

I assume this week’s THE WHOLE TRUTH is its last Wed airing. It’s already preempted for the first 2 weeks of sweeps and I assume sometime later this week, the last 2 Wednesdays of sweeps will be filled in with specials. I guess it’s possible that it might air during December, but my guess is the final 8 eps will be aired starting December on Saturdays at 10p (or same slot in Summer). EP KristieAnne Reed has gotten the assurance from ABC that they will run all the eps, but it doesn’t mean they will be shown on Wednesdays. Maybe some on Wed and some on Sat. They’ve assembled a great guest cast so it would be a fine option for Sat at 10p.

I wasn’t certain ABC would give a full season to BETTER WITH YOU. I had expected ABC to move COUGAR TOWN to 8:30 and use MODERN FAMILY to launch HAPPY ENDINGS. Now that BWY has a full season, I don’t see it leaving 8:30. ABC has MR. SUNSHINE to launch in addition to HE. Conventional wisdom has ABC using Wed at 10 for BODY OF PROOF. Here’s the thing. ABC might not want to try another drama there, since LOLA and THE DEFENDERS are doing okay and no drama has worked for them in that slot in years.

The other problem is where would ABC air other comedies. Thu at 8p, there are comedies on 2 other nets. Tuesdays midseason is already filled with V, plus that experiment didn’t work for Scrubs and Better Off Ted. Based on this, I’m starting to think maybe ABC might just make Wednesday a 6 comedy night. The comedies at 10 would provide an alternative to the heavy dramas in the hour. Plus comedies have their best shot at working with other comedies. Most people don’t think ABC will do this as no broadcast net has scheduled comedies at 10 since the early 90s. But most people thought ABC launching 4 brand new comedies was a mistake too and they got 3 of them to work. The more I think about it, the more sense it makes and will give the comedies their best shot at working. ABC could always air the 2 new comedies from 10-11 or they could use that post MODERN FAMILY slot for HAPPY ENDINGS and move COUGAR TOWN to 10 with MR. SUNSHINE at 10:30 reuniting the friends stars for the hour. MR. SUNSHINE is the one comedy that really doesn’t fit thematically with the others as it’s a workplace comedy, but hooking up Matt Perry with Courtney Cox again could be the promotional hook.

With DETROIT 1-8-7 getting 18 episodes, it makes the Tuesday 10p slot available by March. I could see ABC putting OFF THE MAP or BODY OF PROOF here, premiering after DWTS, or moving BROTHERS & SISTERS here and trying one of the new dramas in that Sunday slot.

Another possibility: ABC uses GREYS to launch OFF THE MAP with PRIVATE PRACTICE moving or taking a break. OR maybe in March/April when ABC dramas would be in reruns for their normal 4 week break, ABC could alternate fresh eps of GREYS and PP  at 9 and use 10p for OTM, thus keeping this night in originals all season. BODY OF PROOF would get Tuesday or Sunday at 10p with BROTHERS & SISTERS taking the other slot.

If ABC doesn’t use Wed at 10p for the comedies, I honestly have no idea where they would schedule them.

WINTER WIPEOUT is penciled in for Thu 8p in Jan/Feb. I am guessing that means that EXTREME MAKEOVER: WEIGHT LOSS EDITION will assume that slot in March.

ABC also has game show MILLION DOLLAR MIND GAME which I guess could be used for Summer.

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One Response to Trying to Guess ABC Midseason:

  1. Kip says:

    You’re saying my favorite show, Detroit 187, isn’t going to survive?
    V was horrible, why bring that back?

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