Random Musings on This Week In TV:

RUBICON finale – huh? I wasn’t sure I was gonna stick with this show through all 13 episodes but I did and I have to say the last episode didn’t answer or illuminate anything and for a show that is a long shot to return, the producers are either mighty confident (or arrogant) that they didn’t even really move the story along in the last episode. Color me confused but honestly I don’t even care and if AMC does bring this show back, (I’m not betting on it) after that last episode, I don’t think I will sign up again.

LUTHER – that, Broadcast networks, is how you do a procedural (well one I would watch). Not surprisingly the British know how to make good ones. You have a really compelling lead cop character, who is fully fleshed out (he has anger management issues, but is a good man at heart and is desperately in love with someone who has fallen out of love with him). He’s a great detective and he’s played by the tremendous and amazing Idris Elba.

MIKE & MOLLY – I continue to thoroughly love the courtship of Mike and Molly. Their insecurities and years of hurt feel so authentic. The leads continue to be wonderful. I even enjoy Reno Wilson and his grandmother played by Cleo King. The characters played by Swoosie Kurtz and Katy Mixon, however, don’t work at all. Fix them or get rid of them and it’s a much better show.

CASTLE – One of the few b’cast procedurals I enjoy (along with THE GOOD WIFE and BLUE BLOODS). The genius in this show is the humor and romantic leads. I love they way they sent up GREYS this week with the “seriously” bit and Castle referencing his knowledge of McSteamy and McDreamy. I actually care very little about the case of the week, usually. It’s Nathan Fillion’s witty asides, his banter with Beckett, his home life with Mom and daughter that bring me back. Basically the show doesn’t take itself too seriously. ABC, you keep chasing dour and dark procedurals, the reason this one worked is because it’s at heart an ABC show disguised as one. Try that approach again, make sure humor is a big part of it. Cast great, compelling funny leads who have the hots for each other and you might have another winner.

THE GOOD WIFE – a show that brings to mind the old network adage, “firing on all cylinders”. Just the guest cast alone this week was stellar: Scott Porter, Anika Noni Rose, Kate Burton, Titus Welliver, Griffin Dunne, to name a few. Everyone is talking about the scene with Kalinda and Blake but that deposition scene with Alicia, Will and Carey was quite impressive as well. I don’t know how you did it CBS, but you went out of your comfort zone and created a show with procedural elements but one with many personal ones and the office and personal intrigue has been ramped up in Season 2 to an unbelievable level. Wow!

LIFE UNEXPECTED – there are way too many plot contrivances this year – oh so now Ryan got someone else pregnant (or almost did) while he and Kate were broken up for a minute and a half? The story with LUX and her teacher is not working for me AT ALL. But this is a show with some wonderful moments and a great cast and it’s not about cops and lawyers. I wish America cared more. Oh and guest star Jamie Ray Newman – she is a star who can do comedy/drama and is waiting for the right vehicle. Networks please keep trying to find the right one for her.

TERRIERS – another great episode with a stand alone case but with new twists and revelations on the personal level. Shawn Ryan and Ted Griffin, I am so impressed how you keep bringing this show to another high week after week.

PROJECT RUNWAY – seriously, is there any way Mondo doesn’t win? If he doesn’t, this show is useless as he is heads and shoulders ahead of everyone else. Bonus points to Jimmy Kimmel, who in his interview with Heidi Klum, called attention to her ultra meanness this year. I know this weeks ep was taped months ago, but she coincidentally was much nicer this week.

THE BIG BANG THEORY – I don’t know why, but Jim Parson’s delivery on “bitches be crazy” makes me laugh every time I think of it. Another solid/funny ep and Mayim Bialik continues to do great work on this show.

BLUE BLOODS – I am still enjoying this show but I have a couple of quibbles. The cases on the last 2 episodes were very standard cop cliché. I thought this week’s episode played into very dangerous stereotypical areas and I was not thrilled with some of their depictions.

Tom Selleck has become way too serious, stoic and self-righteous and they need to loosen him up, pronto.  I think he had a scowl on his face the entire episode. Donnie Wahlberg continues to be the major draw for me ( He’s been underrated as an actor for years IMHO) and he was the primary reason I enjoyed this episode. Oh one more thing – 5 episodes and 5 different partners for him, with no explanation. Huh?

ABC SCHEDULING – THE MIDDLE, MODERN FAMILY, COUGAR TOWN all had great eps this week. but at 8:40 after attempting to watch BETTER WITH YOU again, I ended up killing time for 20 minutes. It’s not funny and doesn’t fit with the other shows. Come Jan ABC, please consider: The Middle, Cougar Town, Mod Fam, Happy Endings.

Preferably, before January, get your most promising new show NO ORDINARY FAMILY out of that minefield that is Tues at 8p. Even without GLEE, it dropped a tenth. Conventional wisdom says it should be flopped with DWTS, but how about the slot it was originally planned for –  Sundays at 8p. There is no other live action scripted show there. It would provide a compatible lead in to DH, and with a 2.2, it’s getting the same score as EXTREME MAKEOVER:HOME EDITION. It’s also the same kind of “the whole family can watch together” show as EM:HE. Whatever you do, do it soon as I feel it’s only gonna continue to erode in its current timeslot and if you move it when it’s a 1.5 it will be too late.

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