This January I expect either IDOL or GLEE on Thursday:

Right before the season started I said I expect FOX to move IDOL to Wed/Thurs. I still expect that to probably happen. I would just like to amend it. Come January, either IDOL or GLEE will be on Thursday.

When FOX announced their schedule in May the midseason plan was for the IDOL results to lead into GLEE on Wed.  At this point there is zero reason for these two shows to be aired together when they could both be used to propel other hits on different nights.  GLEE last week had a 5.9. The next network show after that was DWTS with a 4.8. The next scripted shows were a tie with MODERN FAMILY and GREYS at a 4.6. That’s a huge disparity between #1 and the next show. In other words, that’s IDOL territory.  18-34 GLEE is already comparable to IDOL.

FRINGE last week got a 1.9. I know FOX and critics love this show but at this point I assume they want a piece of the big Thursday pie and they have the goods to get there.


With IDOL currently going through a revamp it might be a good time to move the nights. Even if IDOL is down considerably without Simon Cowell, the results show would still be the biggest thing on Thursday night .  Live shows are still pretty immune to DVR. Plus, there are only aging hits on Thursday at 9. Also FOX could employ the same schedule for X-FACTOR come Fall and with SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE airing Wed/Thurs it would keep this reality schedule in place all year and allow GLEE to take a permanent home on Tues.

I also don’t think it makes sense for FOX to move GLEE again (unless it’s to Thursday). It’s currently doing fantastic on Tuesday and so far RAISING HOPE is doing pretty well out of it. FOX might finally have their first live action comedy hit since THAT 70s SHOW.


The only way I don’t see IDOL moving to Wed/Thurs is if GLEE moves to Thursday at 9. Once again it would be #1 for the night and it clearly could sustain the move to Thurs and own the night the way CSI and GREYS did. Plus CBS is clearly preparing a 4 comedy block here in the next year or so and FOX would halt their momentum.  Should this be the scenario, I expect RAISING HOPE to stay 9p Tues after IDOL (maybe with MIXED SIGNALS after it or IDOL going to a 90 minute format when not 2 hours). Wednesdays results show could be followed by RIDE ALONG (or I guess it is possible it would air on Monday after HOUSE like originally announced)

In either scenario I could see FOX either saving the back 9 of FRINGE for Summer or Friday.  (With either show airing at 9 I think BONES would get a nice boost at 8 from pre tune in). Whether IDOL or GLEE go to Thursday it would give them a mega hit every night: Sun FAMILY GUY and other animation hits, Monday  – HOUSE,  Tues, Wed and Thurs – IDOL, IDOL,  GLEE. They’d also finally have a piece of the Thursday pie in a big way and with the debut of X-FACTOR next Fall they have a 52 week strategy of performance and result shows on the same night.

Bottom Line: FOX has a bunch of smart programmers. They have two huge assets in GLEE and IDOL and I don’t see them being wasted by airing together on the same night, so come January I firmly believe either IDOL or GLEE is on Thursday.

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