How I expect Fridays to look shortly:

CBS will stay the same temporarily. Sometime this season something I expect something will fill in for MEDIUM, but for now status quo.

NBC: Yes SCHOOL PRIDE is scheduled in 2 weeks, but since they most likely will be moving THE  APPRENTICE to Friday, and 2 hour DATELINEs get them numbers no other show can, I think it’s The Apprentice at 8 followed by 2 hour Dateline. School Pride saved for midseason.

FOX: Conventional wisdom has them pulling THE GOOD GUYS, but it was only .1 off HOUSE rerun. I think GLEE reruns might take up 8p as a lead in to THE GOOD GUYS. If they do pull The Good Guys, reruns of House/Glee would do fine.

ABC: NO ORDINARY FAMILY encore was the highest rated of the night at a 1.3. MODERN FAMILY rerun got a 1.0 at 8p and since ABC is limited in how many times they can run these (I think 3 – it’s a FOX show) , they should save these for when they need Wednesday encores and frankly Wife Swap encores get at least a 1.1. Or run the NOF encore Friday at 8p. I would suggest Primetime: What Would You Do here at 9p since that provided 20/20 its best lead in ever. Some people think it might be used for Wed at 10. I still think Friday is the best option and use Wed for scripted – OR run original WWYD Wed at 10p and encore on Friday. Frankly a lineup of Wife Swap, WWYD, and 20/20 gave ABC its longest winning streak on the night in decades, all Summer.  Why they wouldn’t return to that immediately, I don’t know.  (As of now encore of MY GEN pilot is scheduled for next Friday at 9 and we know that’s gonna change)

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