What should replace My Generation stat!

With a 1.1 in its second outing, I am guessing My Generation will be pulled immediately, (it certainly should be). GREYS was still the #1 show of the night in the demo by a hair, but was down significantly from premiere week. A show with a ratings pulse leading into it might actually give them a couple more tenths.

Here is my suggestion to replace it:


Here’s my thinking: 8p Thursday is the only time slot on any day of the week with no reality show. Whether it’s The Amazing Race and EM:HE on Sun, DWTS on Mon, The Biggest Loser/DWTS on Tues, Survivor on Wed, they all do quite well. In fact, none of them get less than a 2.5. Thurs at 8p is currently one of the most competitive time slots on TV, with a mega hit sitcom, a strong procedural with very good ratings, and lower rated, but still much-loved, single camera comedies, not to mention a young adult vampire smash. There really is no room for another comedy or drama. Plus ABC tried that last year with The Deep End and now with My Gen and it didn’t work either time. I feel like it’s time for something different than the hour already offers. I also feel Body Of Proof, the other likely candidate, is too similar to Bones which already is covering the procedural audience in the hour (I also think BOP will be needed for a 10p slot shortly). SECRET MILLIONAIRE did very well for FOX a few years back and it is way more of an ABC show. It’s more in the vein of EM:HE and that has led perfectly well into Desperate Housewives for the last 7 years. No reason SM couldn’t provide the same good counter programming and be a good lead into GREYS.

How they should handle it: They need to promote it for a bit, so let’s assume they schedule it to premiere the first night of sweeps, Oct 28th. That gives them roughly 3 and a half weeks to promote. (I am pretty sure Oct 21st will be reruns on all nets, so not smart to start before that) . I believe they have 6 eps in the can which should take them until Christmas break.

Until then: One of 2 things.

1) Maybe an encore of Tuesday’s No Ordinary Family

2) Reruns of Wipeout for 3 weeks which will get a 2.o and be good counter programming to everything else in the hour.

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One Response to What should replace My Generation stat!

  1. forg says:

    I’m going for No Ordinary Family reruns for the meantime but I agree Secret Millionaire will be better here as replacement

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