Some more snap ratings reactions, predictions and suggestions

After seeing Friday’s ratings some more thoughts:

FOX – HELL’S KITCHEN will remain 2 hours every Wednesday for its entire run. FOX came in 2nd on Wed and shouldn’t and won’t mess with that. I expect Fridays to either be HUMAN TARGET and LIE TO ME unless FOX calls one of those to fill the Monday at 9p slot. I could sooner see them asking Mike Darnell to come up with some crazy ass reality show, that only FOX can do, for the more important Monday slot.

NBC – will obviously be moving THE APPRENTICE to Friday soon. Air that at 8p followed by 2 hour Dateline and I see them doing decently. They’ve already announced SCHOOL PRIDE for Fri at 8p so the could also air that followed by APPRENTICE and DATELINE at 9 and 10p or the other way around with Dateline at 9p.

Thurs at 10? They certainly have a well of dramas and reality shows on deck. Do they just run reruns of THE OFFICE and other sitcom reruns or do they re-run THE EVENT which will fit well with the more male skewing comedies? I have no idea. Another option is UNDERCOVER reruns at 10p

CBS This will obviously be Medium’s last season. I could see them trying something out in the 8p slot sometime this season – Other than that, shocker CBS did well AGAIN! I personally think BLUE BLOODS was their best new procedural, so kudos.

ABC –  I assume the 2 announced Friday shows will be used during the week sometime this Fall. Here’s my suggestion to ABC though. I certainly understand why you’d want to rerun some of your new shows here for extra sampling. However when a show like THE WHOLE TRUTH tanks horribly on Wed, it’s not gonna help being your Friday anchor, especially a rerun. Predictably it did badly and barely added more viewers and probably made 20/20 lower since it had to add viewers on its own.

Also, ABC only get 3 runs of each MODERN FAMILY Family ep. They have it scheduled for the next 4 weeks on Friday, which means these episodes will only be able to be run once more on Wednesdays. Considering it only got a 1.2 on Friday, I think they should stop re-running them on Friday now and conserve. My advice for the future: Next week I think they should keep with their scheduled rerun of NO ORDINARY FAMILY, as that seems a show that would get extra eyeballs on Friday night (especially since it faces major competition on Tues). Other than that, I think they should put one of their reality shows back on Friday at 8p (WIFE SWAP, SUPERNANNY etc)  and at 9p return PRIMETIME:What Would You do. With this lineup they won all Summer long and gave 20/20 its highest numbers in some time.

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