Why is a DWTS results show 2 hours??????

UPDATE 2: Wed 9/22 11:50am – Clearly I don’t know anything because the DWTS rerun got a 2.6 at 8p and the results show at 10p got a 4.3. I can’t remember the last time a results show did that well. The finale last Spring didn’t even do that well. So ABC was clearly smart to run the rerun against the big premieres at 8p and it helped their night overall.

UPDATE: 8p hour is an abridged rerun of last night. Results show doesn’t start til 9p. So it’s really a one hour results show. Hence the title of this post is wrong, since it’s not a 2 hour results show, but ABC listed it as a 2 hour show on my DVR (sneaky folks). I still think the reason why ABC did this tonight is illustrated below:

ABC is smartly not premiering NO ORDINARY FAMILY until next week. NOF already has the unfortunate distinction of going up against each of the other networks biggest hits Tues at 8p, so they probably would get hurt on premiere night. It’ll still be tough next week, but they’ll have a better shot. So ABC scheduled a 2 hour DWTS show. When they announced the dates in July it was announced as a performance show. Something changed in the last few weeks where it became a results show. A 2 hour results show??? 1 hour results on DWTS and IDOL are already filler- but 2???

Outside of LOST, The results show has been their only real Tuesday draw these past few seasons. To DWTS credit, they make the results show much more entertaining than IDOL’s, with some really clever packages and new pro dance routines. It’s like a throwback to the old Variety shows of the 70s. But let’s face it, it’s 55 minutes of filler, for the 5 minutes of results and reactions. But I get it. But surely they know 2 hours is stretching it.

Here’s what I think Happened:

ABC desperately wanted The Situation on this cast as they probably correctly thought he’d bring in a younger demo. It worked last night: ABC had their youngest skewing DWTS show in 3 years. But “The Sitch” wouldn’t be able to start rehearsing until 6 days before the show premiered due to his Jersey Shore committment. I think ABC was gonna have another performance show tonight and 11 couples would perform with the lowest vote getter from last night being the first eliminated contestant and not perform tonight. They’d pick couples to perform one by one and if they got to perform they made it through with the last couple standing, going home. Since The Situation had only 6 days, there’s no way he’d be able to put 2 dances together. I think ABC last-minute scrapped the 2 night performance idea and just figured they’d take the ratings hit tonight (results shows are much lower rated than performance shows) in exchange for higher numbers as long as THE SITUATION  is on. I assume at 8 ABC will be in 4th in demo tonight and 3rd for 9pm tonight. That’s my theory anyway. If I were ABC I would have scheduled a Celebrity WIPEOUT at 8P (Jesse Tyler Ferguson keeps begging for one on Twitter).

Speaking of DWTS, one of the great things it does is transform careers: Mario Lopez, Gilles Marini, Pamela Anderson just to name a few. Well in 3 minutes last night I think Kyle Massey displayed so much charisma and fun, that I’m willing to bet he will be fielding lots of different kinds of offers from here on. You might be familiar with his solid comic chops from the Disney Channel. I’ve caught him on a couple of reruns of “That’s So Raven” (stop judging me). Check out his Cha Cha with partner Lacey Schwimmer:

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