Thoughts on DETROIT 1-8-7

When I first wrote this post I said this was ABCs best cop show since NYPD BLUE. Then I remembered THE UNUSUALS which I liked a lot. But watching this show I was  instantly reminded of NYPD BLUE which is meant as a compliment.  At this point, however, it has more in common with the story driven procedurals that have populated the airwaves since that show went off the air.

I honestly did prefer the first version of the pilot, which had a documentary crew following these Detroit cops. The new version of the pilot did a good job of eliminating it without losing too much of the story.

The problem for me is that I watched the 2nd episode and after two episodes, it feels way more procedural that I expected. That doesn’t means it’s bad.  It’s well made. It’s just not as unique. The original pilot felt unique. Personally I prefer character driven shows. There are lots of well made procedurals. CSI, for example, is well made TV. They just don’t hold my interest in the same way as character driven shows.

The positive: A fantastic, very diverse cast –  Not a weak link –  led by Michael Imperioli, who gives a really interesting performance and you can tell this will be a unique character. Aisha Hinds is another standout. But honestly they’re all good.

Another positive: It’s filmed in Detroit and it’s nice to see another city represented on television for a change.

By the second ep, it feels like there’s a formula: 3 different cases are represented each week and they’re each given a title on-screen like “Local Hero” (which helps you follow them better). The case titles are the only remnant from the doc format.

Overall it’s a good show that I hope will become more character centric as it goes along. There’s potential for more here and I hope after they set it up, they explore it.

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