ABC Hires Sheryl Crow to “Makeover” Sunday

Caught a new ABC Sunday promo the other night and it spotlights the 9/26 season premieres of ABC Sunday Night Mainstays, EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, & BROTHERS & SISTERS. It featured Sheryl Crow’s cover of The Jackson 5 classic “I Want You Back”, but in an unusual twist they featured actual video of Sheryl singing the song interspersed with the ABC stars. Certainly appeared to be a nice gift to Sheryl as the song is featured on her latest CD, “100 Miles From Memphis”. The album received great reviews, but its first single “Summer Day” is struggling at youth obsessed radio. Now ABC has released a longer behind the scenes cut of the promo and apparently Sheryl is singing the praises of all 3 ABC shows and she sounds like she’s a really big fan of them: “I’m a huge fan of Sunday Night TV on ABC” (she even says whenever she’s on tour if she misses them , she checks ’em out on – nice Sheryl, plug the website). Now it’s very possible Sheryl is a huge fan but it’s also possible that she’s using some of her acting muscles from her stint last season on ABC’s “Cougar Town” :-).

My guess is female skewing ABC has found a nice partner who represents their audience, plus she’s already appeared on two of the network’s shows (EM:HE & Cougar Town) . Having taken part in those two shows it’s not hard to believe that she really is a fan of them. Plus the network partnered with her on this Summer’s Lilith Fair.

This appears to be a win-win as it gives Sheryl an opportunity to promote her new CD. Let’s face it, VH-1 is barely playing videos anymore and ABC devotees were probably big Sheryl fans in the 90s and 2000’s. ABC gets to put a fresh new spin on a promo with a recognizable and likeable star that represents them. Plus as Sheryl describes the “wish fulfillment” theme to ABC Sunday – she’s the perfect example. She moved from Missouri to LA and 6 months later was all over the world singing with Michael Jackson.

Check out the behind the scenes footage and the actual :60 promo kicks in at 1:11

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